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Discover any YouTube playlist's Total Duration easily, and effortlessly Track your progress while enjoying the process.

Why should I Install it?

Are you a frequent user of YouTube, utilizing its vast array of playlists for learning or entertainment? Do you often find yourself wondering how much time you'll need to invest in completing a particular playlist? Look no further! Introducing Folanar, the must-have Chrome extension for YouTube enthusiasts like you.


Efficient Time Management for YouTube Playlists


Enhance your YouTube experience with Folanar. Instantly discover the total duration of any playlist. Say goodbye to guesswork and manual calculations – let Folanar handle it all for you. Plan your learning or entertainment sessions more efficiently today!

Stay Motivated, Track Your Progress

But that's not all. Folanar goes a step further by keeping you motivated to complete your playlists. It not only shows you the total duration but also tracks your progress within the playlist. Easily monitor how much of the playlist you've already watched, empowering you to stay focused and committed until the very end.


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